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Skeptics FAQ

A Safe Place to explore answers to common questions about The Black New Deal 
Q:  Why does The Black New Deal focus on black people instead of many ethnicities that face common issues?

A:  While it is true that injustice, bigotry and racism affect many ethnicities, genders and sexual orientations, there is a need for each group to deeply understand the actions and remedies that will have the highest impact for that particular group.  Once clear course of action is known, alliances between groups to achieve both common and unique goals becomes the most powerful way to create change. 

Q:  If we want an America where racism does not exist, isn't something like The Black New Deal just exacerbating the differences between black people and other groups?


A:  Racism can be eradicated without eradicating acknowledgement of the myriad of differences between individuals and groups.  Even if America were to try to become a place where "race didn't matter" it would need to begin by recognizing the realities of the impact of systemic racism today, where those realities originate, how they are currently perpetuated, followed by undertaking a series of actions to remedy the damage.  Only then can America become a society where race is no longer one of the greatest predictors of social and economic outcomes of each citizen.  

Q:  If I am not a racist, and I, nor my family, was the owner of a slave, why do I need to spend time thinking about systemic racism; or worse yet, spend money on things that seem to benefit only black people?

A:  The benefits of utilizing slave labor to establish America are enjoyed by every citizen today.  Even though the practice was banned in 1865, the economic and social ripple effect is a substantial part of why America is a world super-power, and why American business (GDP) is one of the largest in the world.  Every citizen, especially those with white skin, are riding a wave of head-start economics and access to opportunity that was built on the stolen labor of American slaves.  In this way, any American who enjoys our economic and political prosperity owes a debt to American slaves and their survivors.  Furthermore, if the issues that plague the survivors of slaves are not addressed, the ability for America to continue to grow and prosper is capped.  Political unrest, public health crisis, social instability, and crime will all flourish if America keeps its head in the sand on this founding flaw of the nation. 

Q:  Where can I learn more facts about this topic to make sure my opinions are supported by the facts (past & present)?

A:  We have created a small library of materials that will help you get started.  Click here

Q:  What if I have a different question?

A:  We love to receive questions about The Black New Deal and systemic racism.  We have no staff, so we may be slow in reply... But if you send us your question we will reply and possibly add it to this page on the website.  Send your question to 

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