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Who are we?  We are everyone.

We are two citizens who want to inspire others, especially those in the technology and venture capital communities, to use their skills, intelligence, networks, platforms, organizations, and creativity to disrupt systemic racial oppression.  Together we can be the generation of patriots who prove that America's best virtues are real. 

We cover our faces because this is not about us, but about giving a voice to others. 


Concerned citizen, patriot,

survivor of American slavery

I'm a 47 year old, husband, father of 4, and have lived my entire life in America. I've lived in cities from San Francisco to Boston. Two-time graduate of top US colleges,  my career spans technology, private equity, and real estate.  Citizen.  7+ generations in America.


Concerned citizen, patriot,

caucasian male

I'm 40 years old.  A son, brother, partner, and ally.  I've lived in cities from LA to DC.  Two-time graduate of top U.S. academic institutions. My career spans technology, growth companies, online marketplaces, and marketing.

Please note: We have no funding, and very limited web dev / design training.  If you'd like to help us build a better site, or contribute to the cost of maintaining the site, please contact us.  Your help is appreciated.

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