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Your Step-By-Step Playbook  for Creating Real Change

Some of the most important changes in The Black New Deal require political support or funding from the city, state, or even federal level.  Here are easy steps YOU can do to make the biggest impact:


  1. Make sure you can vote in upcoming elections (usually takes less than 5 minutes)

    • Quickly check your voter status on, or if you know you aren't yet registered visit

    • Or just text VOTE to 50409 to check your registration, register to vote, or make an election day plan


  1. Email and social media makes a difference, as long as they're personalized (takes 5 mins)

    • makes it dead simple to quickly and easily email to your Senators and reps in Congress

    • Or, let do the work by texting RESIST to 50590 through SMS, iMessage, Messenger, or Twitter.  They create the letter for you, and then deliver it directly to your state or national legislators

    • If you text EDITOR to 50590 it will automatically send your last letter to the editor of your local newspaper

  2. Phone calls to representatives are better than both email and social media (5-10 mins)

    • Enter your address at Common Cause to instantly get the phone numbers of your representatives 

    • Or call the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121.  An operator connects you directly with your reps' offices

  3. Hand written letters are better than digital messages, and faxes can also get through if time-sensitive (source)

    • Here is a sample letter you can copy and edit to personalize your message

    • Physical addresses: For your reps in Congress (by zip code), or your Senators (by state)

    • Easy fax: Text RESIST to 50409.  Resistbot will ask for your zip code to identify your Senators. You type whatever you want to say, the bot formats it into a letter, and delivers it


  1. Showing up in person to district offices or town halls is better than phone calls (source)

    • Click here, type in your address, and learn what bills your local representatives ​are sponsoring

    • Countable also makes it easy to search and follow progress of different bills

  2. Organize a group, and show up at local town hall meetings. "Get a huge group that they can't ignore. Pack that place and ask questions" (source -- former Congressional staff member Emily Ellsworth)

  3. Take it a step further. 

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