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The Movement

The Black New Deal is a crowd sourced collection of proposals to disrupt systemic racism in America.   

The Black New Deal Movement happens when the top ranked proposals from the community are pursued through political action.

Our Top 5 Policy Objectives

(1)  Humane federal use of force guidelines for law enforcement, and greater accountability for violations of use of force 

(2)  Passage of H.R. 40 to study + quantify the effects of slavery and Jim Crow era policy on the descendants of slaves, along with economic reparations (several potential approaches proposed)

(3)  Move forward the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act;  Plus an Election Day Holiday so that all people have equal access to the polls on federal and state voting days

​(4)  Deletion of petty drug offense records, and release of those incarcerated for petty drug offenses

Join the Movement

Advocate for one or more of the top proposals. 
Scroll the
Homepage to see each top proposal and click-thru for details.

Make your mark with our Step-by-Step Playbook for creating real change.

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